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by Computer Studio Limited


Video and film editing -

Professional and reliable service available for the editing of both video and film.


Multi-media Streaming -

Audio and video distribution methods via the Internet continue to progress with the development of more sophisticated software applications.

Streaming in REAL-TIME now offers both the general public and organisations to opportunity to view video and films without the necessity of waiting (often for hours) for a download to be completed. Streaming is, basically, instant viewing.

Computer Studio Limited (CS) is able to develop and disseminate multi-media content through the use of audio/video streaming technology via the Internet, both LIVE and on demand.

There are many benefits in favour of streaming, especially as a cost-saving advantage, not to mention, time.

Our website contains information on tariff options and further information about our Streaming service and it’s many uses.


Take a look at our Video and Streaming Services and Apps page by visiting our website at computerstudio.eu.



Whether you’re just about to start your own radio station or you’ve owned one for some years, in today’s technological world a radio app for mobiles is becoming more of a ‘must’ for those in the music business.

At Computer Studio Limited we are offering our dedicated programming team have created a very professional, but affordably priced Radio Streaming app, based on an MP3 format, which is designed to be customised by you personally.

By following the step-by-step guidelines for the TWEET DJ Mobile Radio App you can decide on the price yourself based on which features you select. Choose the colours and appearance style you want as a complement to your unique radio station and to appeal to your audience!

This advanced technology allows radio stations to reach a much wider audience with excellent broadcasting quality to help boost your business ratings and audience satisfaction.

TWEET to your audience as you broadcast over the air with TWEET DJ Mobile Radio App!

This feature enables you to engage with your audience and interact with them as you do ‘Shout Outs’. The audience will be able to TWEET back to you as they participate in your games and competitions, as well as requesting songs … making your radio station truly interactive.

Visit our TWEET DJ Mobile Radio App webpage or simply visit the site and browse other products and services at computerstudio.eu.